A Flutter PageView Indicator has Worm animation

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A pageview indicator.

Worm Indicator

A Flutter PageView indicator insprired by worm animation. It can be easily integrated with any Flutter PageView. Pull requests are welcome


  • Use with PageView to display scroll progress

Getting Started

Make sure you add the lib dependency in your flutter project.

  worm_indicator: 0.2.0

Then you should run flutter packages get to update your packages in your IDE.

Example Project

Checkout the project inside example folder.




Circle and Square DotShape need size. Rectangle DotShape need width and height.

  length: 3,
  controller: _controller,
  shape: Shape(
    size: 16,
    spacing: 8,
    shape: DotShape.Circle  // Similar for Square
  length: 3,
  controller: _controller,
  shape: Shape(
    width: 16,
    height: 24,
    spacing: 8,
    shape: DotShape.Rectangle


Name Usage Type
length Number of dots int
controller PageView controller PageController
shape Shape of dots Shape
color Color of normal dots Color
indicatorColor Color of current active dot Color

Shape Constructor:

Name Usage Type
width Width of dot (required if shape is Rectange) double
height Height of dot (required if shape is Rectange) double
size Size of dot (required if shape is Circle or Square) double
spacing Spacing between dots double
shape Shape of dots. One of Circle, Rectangle and Square DotShape


Email me at phuchuynh.strong@gmail.com for any support needed

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