flutter weekly 25

Articles and tutorials

Exploring GraphQL with Flutter

In this Blog post, Milind Mevada discusses various ways available to implement GraphQL with Flutter

How to Use Flutter for Hybrid Development: Alibaba’s Open Source Code Instance

How Alibaba’s Xianyu enables hybrid integration of Flutter to existing Native apps through incremental migration with Flutter Boost

Wrap your FAB in a custom progress loader

Jorge Castillo explains how to implement your own circled progress loader around a FloatingActionButton step-by-step.

Animate Your UI when Keyboard Appears in Flutter

In this tutorial, Dane Mackier works on listening to the keyboard visibility and giving your view a smoother transition when it shows up

Animations in Flutter — Getting Started #1

An introduction to the basics of Flutter animations by Mohak Gupta.

Build a Location Service in Flutter

This tutorial by Dane Mackier will show you how to wrap the location package into a service that’s easy to consume in your application.

Create an Onboarding Page Indicator in 3 Minutes in Flutter.

Pinkesh Darji shows you how to quickly create a nice onboarding page in Flutter.

Designing Cross platform Flutter Landing Page

This post by Priyanka Tyagi is about how to design a landing page for a hypothetical mobile and web app for Flutter.

Flutter cross-platform

Kevin Segaud creates an app for mobile and web using some packages to make the work easier.

Flutter: Global Access vs Scoped Access with Provider

Andrea Bizzotto explores better alternatives to global access to distribute objects across the widget tree.

Full-Text Search in Flutter with Firestore and Algolia

Samarth Agarwal explains how to use Algolia, a search service to make full-text search in Firestore information.

Google Maps Styling in Flutter

Matthias Schuyten shows how to use the new setMapStyle method in Google Maps plugin to style your app maps.

Improving Your Flutter Code

An article by Miguel Beltran on taking advantage of Git hooks to run your tests and lints for each commit.

Reusing i18n strings for IT testing in Flutter

Efthymis Sarmpanis explains how to handle translations in your tests.

The Power of the Flutter’s Transform and GestureDetector Widgets

Check this amazing use of transformations and matrixes combined with gesture detector by Justin McCandless

Flutter: Animated Gradients with Custom Hooks

An example of using hooks in Flutter, in this case, to animate a gradient background.

Your Own Image Picker With Flutter Channels

In this tutorial by JB Lorenzo you will learn how to use Flutter Channels to communicate with platform code and create an image picker for both Android and iOS.

Videos and media

AnimatedIcon (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Use the AnimatedIcon widget to drop an animated icon straight into your app

Flutter Radial Progress with Animation - Step by Step

In this tutorial you will learn also how to use customPainter and use Forward and reverse animation for your app.

Flutter: Auto Create Models from JSON | Serializable

Learn how to make model classes automatically from your json

Flutter: Best VS Code Extensions (Bracket Colorizer 2, Pubspec Assist, etc)

For those of you using VSCode over AS, here is a list of useful plugins

Intro to Flutter - Stateful and Stateless Widgets, Widget Tree - Part One

Explaining the Widget tree and the Stateless and Stateful Widget on a basic level.

Isolates and Event Loops - Flutter in Focus

This is the first video in the Flutter in Focus series on asynchronous coding in Dart

Smart Push Notifications with Flutter & FCM

Send push notifications in Flutter with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to a single device, topic, or user segment.

Code and libraries


A beautiful bezier line chart widget for flutter that is highly interactive and configurable.


FlutterBoost is a Flutter plugin which enables hybrid integration of Flutter for your existing native apps with minimum efforts


A port of .NET’s LINQ IEnumerable functions to Dart.


Template Flutter Project for iOS, Android, Fuschica, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Web, Command Line


Flipper (Extensible mobile app debugger) for flutter.


This project tries to deliver a pixel-perfect implementation of the Reply Material Design Case Study in Flutter.


A demo app to fetch GitHub profile details in flutter.


A sample application to show the UI Demo for Make My Trip app using flutter.


Flutter on Windows, MacOS and Linux - based on Flutter Embedding, Go and GLFW.


Flutter plugin for the Lookback iOS SDK


A new Flutter application demonstrate expanding card animation.


Flutter example cross-platform application for mobile, desktop and web


A flutter widget that show the camera stream and allow ML vision recognition on it, it allow you to detect barcodes, labels, text, faces…


A repo for a Flutter package that lets you display alert dialog a X amount of times.