plugin 数字滚动动画

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类似 Button的flutter plugin ,它允许你创建一个按钮,其动画效果类似于Twitter的心跳动画


Custom flutter candies(widgets) for you to easily build flutter app, enjoy it

like_button pub package

Like Button is a flutter library that allows you to create a button with animation effects similar to Twitter’s heart when you like something.

extended_image pub package

Extended official image to support placeholder(loading)/ failed state, cache network,zoom/pan,photo view,crop,save,clip,paint custom etc.

extended_text pub package

Extended official text to quickly build special text like inline image or @somebody, also provide custom background,custom over flow.

extended_text_field pub package

Extended official text field to quickly build special text like inline image, @somebody, custom background etc.

pull_to_refresh_notification pub package

Flutter plugin for building pull to refresh effects with PullToRefreshNotification and PullToRefreshContainer quickly.

loading_more_list pub package

Flutter plugin for building a loading more list with loadingMoreList and loadingMoreSliverList quickly.

extended_nested_scroll_view pub package

Extended nested scroll view to fix following issues. 1.pinned sliver header issue 2.inner scrollables in tabview sync issue 3.pull to refresh is not work.

extended_tabs pub package

Extended tab bar view include color tabIndicator,linkWithAncestor(scroll ancestor tabbarView when current is over scroll),page cache extent

http_client_helper pub package

A Flutter plugin for http request with cancel and retry fuctions.

widgets sample

widgets sample

widgets learning sample

it include following widgets:

Container, RowColumn, Image, Text, Icon, Button,



Github主页 👉fluttercandies/Flutter_Candies